Dining Chairs

Set of 8 dining chairs

Do you have dining chairs or stools with peeling leather or flaking vinyl?

Here at Stylefurn we have the skills and resources to restore your dining chairs to better than new!

Why does leather or vinyl peel or flake?

Many dining chairs have been constructed with stylish and durable frames but are let down by the use of inferior covers

These types of leather and vinyl have been manufactured using inferior base ingredients resulting in a very poor standards

Consequently many prematurely start to peel, split or flake. More info on Leather Click Here

Stylefurn offer quality solutions using locally sourced fabrics, vinyls and leathers to use in this type of custom dining chair upholstery.

Every one of these materials come with a globally recognised wear ratings and can withstand many cycles of use in a heavy duty application. This means they will never peel & look fresh for many years longer than the unknown alternatives

‘Stylefurn is your one stop furniture upholstery and re-cover shop offering a full range of furniture upholstery solutions.

For a massive selection of quality materials visit  Warwick Fabrics.

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