Auditoriums, Theatres & Cinemas

Claremont football club seating

Auditoriums, Theatres & CinemasAuditoriums, Theatres & Cinemas

Katanning Town Hall

The team at Stylefurn have vast experience with Auditoriums, Theatres & Cinemas re-fit and restoration projects.

Some traditional and heritage listed projects at His Majesty’s Theatre and Katanning Town Hall required delicate planning and execution to respect strict guidelines around heritage elements.


Auditoriums, Theatres & CinemasMidland Cinemas

Cinema Style Seating varies in function and purpose due to the intended application.

Universities, Movie Cinemas and Live Theatre can be supplied and installed with limited or staged installation to minimise interruption.

Auditoriums, Theatres & Cinemas

New Cinema Seating

New projects have many unique requirements both comfort and durability being a primary concern.

Let us design, re-furbish or remodel your site to create a new level of customer satisfaction.

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